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10 Life Saving Target Audience Examples To Grow Your Business

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Target Audience Examples

You have heard a million times by now the term “target audience” and wish that there were some target audience examples, so that you could understand it better!

Well, the good news is that is exactly what we will be discussing in this article!

Let’s understand first…….

What is target audience?

Target audience is nothing more than a group of individuals that have the similar interests as others in a particular niche. i.e. gaming, science, fiction, movies and so on.

Understand your niche

Before anything, you will need to make sure that you understand your niche fully.

You should do a competitive analysis for others in the same niche to determine as following:

  • Why they rank better in search results?
  • What are the products they are selling?
  • When they are selling i.e. more sales in winter?
  • How they are selling i.e. any social media promotion?
  • Who is their target audience i.e. People between the age of 25-40

The ways to promote

Promote your work online

There are many ways to promote your products now a days. Some major promotion sites include Google, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram & many more.

It is very important to understand which platform will work better for you.

Before that you will need to create ad copies. You can either put in effort yourself, if you have got a creative hand or simply hire a professional.

It is easy enough to find graphic or visual designers online.

If you are tight on budget, you can do one of the following or both:

  • Try online visual editors to create free stunning images
  • You can always look for a freelancer (Make sure to check some samples of their previously completed work)

This will put your mind at ease that you are in good hands.

Once you have the ad copy, do the following:

  • Run some sample ads on different platforms organically
  • Check engagement level in first 24 hrs
  • Look out for any feedback and comments

How does it work?

To make it work you will have to define certain marketing segments.

There are four segments as following:


Firstly, define your demographic.

A good way to start is to write down some basic characteristics of the people you wish to target. These basic characteristics can include gender, race, age, and other relevant characteristics.

  • Age range i.e. 18-30
  • Gender i.e. Both male and female
  • Education i.e. High School students, uni students
  • Marital Status i.e. Single, married, divorced
  • Religion i.e. Christian, Muslim, Jewish etc

Once you have determined who you want to target, it’s important that you identify the type of people they are.

You should also try to determine; what they are looking for? how much are they willing to spend?

If you are looking for a guide on demographics variables, Instapage may have the answers for you.


Psychographic marketing is essentially a form of direct marketing which focuses on developing and understanding the psychology of individual consumers.

This is done through surveys, focus groups, and even in-store visits. This allows companies to develop better campaigns by harnessing psychological insights into specific consumers.

Learn about advantages and disadvantages of psychographic segmentation for better marketing approach.

Some of the common examples may include:

  • Interests i.e. Gaming, science-fiction
  • Personality i.e. Introvert, Outgoing
  • Lifestyle i.e. Commuters travelling to work

By targeting customers based on their psychological makeup, a company can improve both its sales process and brand image and develop highly effective customer service.


According to McKinsey, an organisation can outbid their competition by leveraging the consumer data. It can help with sales growth by 85% and 25% in gross margin.

Behavioural marketing is a good way of gaining exposure for your website.

However, if you want to build a relationship with your customers, you should try different types of advertising campaigns first before using behavioural marketing.

By providing good and useful content to your customers, you will not only increase your sales, but you also improve your website’s ranking in search engines and improve its traffic conversion rates.

Understand the customer behaviours:

  • How does the user spends time
  • Identify focus products
  • Trial and error approach with ads

Once you have improved the traffic conversions of your website, you can then use behavioural marketing to promote other products and services that are related to your website, in order to further enhance your sales conversions and revenues.


Geo targeting Segmentation - Target Audience Examples

Geographical marketing, also known as geo-targeting. It is an online marketing strategy that utilises geographic information to reach consumers in a close proximity to a business’s physical location.

Marketers use this digital information about a company’s customer base to target the areas in which potential clients will be more likely to visit. This type of marketing is becoming increasingly common as a means of increasing company revenues.

It allows a company to reach out to people locally, if the business had to rely solely on word of mouth advertising alone.

Some of the local places may include:

  • Restaurants, cafes, bars
  • Real estate agents
  • Grocery shops
  • Dentist
  • Car Wash

Learn from the best, WordStream explains the best practices for geo-targeting.

Common approaches for geo-targeting

Geographical advertising works with some of the same strategies that traditional marketing employs.

It works with media such as radio, television, and print advertisements. However, one important part of geo-targeting that some marketers find to be particularly effective is the use of the Internet.

Geographical location can be used to promote products and services both offline and online. There are numerous ways of doing this, including using blogs, creating a company website, purchasing banner ads, and creating a blog on a social networking site.

Want to learn about buyer persona as well?

What are the benefits?

Communicate with your pre-defined audience

Communicate directly with specific segment of audience instead of everyone. Marketing works when the viewers can relate to the product or service directly.

Brands often struggle to engage with large sized audience.

For example: Imagine having to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars only to found out that you were; marketing to the wrong audience and the ad copy was not relevant.

Instead you can define different segmentations and create multiple ad copies and test it out. Soon, you will find the winning ad copy.

All you need to do thereafter is to increase spending on that ad copy to gain customer and do sales.

High quality leads and conversions

Quality Leads

If you are targeting the specific audience, naturally your ad will attract high quality leads and visitors are already interested. This means when you interact with those people you are likely to receive visitors that will convert into customers. You can then engage with them through various marketing channels i.e. email marketing

Distinguish from your Competition

You can focus on providing value because you are dealing with small segment of targeted audience. This will allow you to connect with your audience on a personal level. You can ask for feedback to engage more visitors. The more you actively connect with your visitors, the longer they will stay!

Once the customers have connected with you and can identify your band specialities, they will choose your brand over others.

Innovate and improvise

Always look for innovative ideas to improve your products and services. There is nothing more satisfying than a customer giving feedback about their experience.

You can easily narrow down to the specific audience providing the valuable feedback with spending loads of hours or resources.

If the feedback is negative, improve the area that requires improvement then improvise.

Find a new angle to innovate the wheel, do some tweaks and present again by connecting with the customers.

Stay focus to stay ahead

It is vital part of the marketing strategy to define goals in early stages. One of the key goals should be working out your target audience. Once the goals have been defined then all you need to do is stay on the same path. However, sometimes the customers present challenges and it’s easy to steer away from your path.

Keeping yourself and your colleagues (if you have a team) focused in all situations is the most crucial component to successful marketing.

How does Facebook Audience insights work?

Facebook Insights - target audience examples

Facebook has taken the people by storm. It would be fair to 90 out 100 people are on Facebook. It collects tons and tons of data can be used for marketing.

That’s where Facebook Audience Insights tool comes in handy. The tool is fairly simple to use and is available under ads account.

You are not required to pay anything to use Audience insights tool. However if you choose to use ad campaigns that’s when you will need to spend big bucks.

Facebook or social media in general is considered cheap and effective means of online marketing, compare to any other type of advertisement.

The data is driven from Facebook insights

Now, let’s take a look at target audience examples.

#1 Video Games

video games


  • The highly engaged target audience examples are people between 25-34 years of age
  • Above 60% of these are men and around 40% are women
  • 49% of the total audience is in a relationship i.e. married
  • 34% audience consists of high school teenagers


  • The selected location for this demographic is USA with no sub regions and the size of audience is estimated between 100m – 150m.


  • They are passionate about video games, mobile phone, Xbox, Play Station 4 to stay connected with their friends and gaming opponents.

Preferred Social Platforms:

  • The preferred communication for this demographic is social media, i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp

#2 Construction Workers

Construction Workers


  • The highly engaged audience is between 25-44
  • Above 58% of these are men and around 42% are women
  • 62% of the total audience relationship status is married
  • 61% audience consists of high school college students or graduates


  • The selected location for this demographic is USA with no sub regions and the size of audience is estimated between 2m – 2.5m.


  • Their interests are related to newspaper, magazines, radio, tv
  • Like to work on little projects in their spare time
  • Good fit for handyman jobs
  • Like to indulge in physical activities and believe in practicability

Preferred Social Platforms:

  • Facebook, Community forums

#3 Sports Shoes


  • The least engaged target audience examples are elderly over 65 years of age
  • 53% of these are men and around 47% are women of whole audience
  • Only 5% of the total audience relationship status is engaged
  • 30% of revenue is generate from high school audience


  • The selected location for this demographic is USA with no sub regions and the size of audience is estimated between 20m – 25m.


  • People are least interested in sports shoes
  • Deal with physical fitness or health challenges
  • Want to save cost on buying sports shoes
  • Are near pension age

Preferred Social Platforms:

  • Local community newspaper, Social clubs, Magazines

#4 Fitness and Wellness

Fitness along with wellness are great target audience examples.

Who does not want to keep fit, right?


  • The highly engaged audience is over between 25 – 54 years old
  • 34% of these are men and around 66% are women of whole audience
  • 56% of the total audience has married status
  • 63% of them are in college.


  • The selected location for this demographic is USA with no sub regions and the size of audience is estimated between 6m – 7m.


  • Want to lose weight
  • Looking for healthy meals i.e. protein bars
  • Are eager to buy product to improve their lifestyle
  • May experience health problems
  • Prefer convenience of shopping
  • Join gyms or personal training programs

Preferred Social Platforms:

Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram

#5 Bakers


  • The most engaged target audience examples are people between 55 – 65 years of age and over.
  • 13% of these are men and around 87% are women of whole audience
  • 69% of the total audience is married
  • The least engaged audience is 8% from school grads.


  • The selected location for this demographic is USA with no sub regions and the size of audience is estimated between 2.5m – 3m.


  • Want to learn about baking
  • Love baking, read baking books, articles
  • Have blogs about baking
  • Are professional chefs
  • Order baked goods online

Preferred Social Platforms:

  • Facebook, Pinterest

#6 Banking and Financial


  • The highly engaged audience is between 25-44 years of age. However, women over the age of 65 are more interested in investment opportunities.
  • 55% of these are men and around 45% are women of whole audience
  • 59% of the total audience is married and 3% engaged
  • The highly engaged audience is 70% from college.


  • The size of audience interested in banking products is estimated between 1.5m – 2m.


  • Looking for investment options
  • Eager to learn about banking products
  • Looking for bank, finance or investment related jobs
  • Have investment accounts or properties
  • Love to spend time reading banking and finance related articles
  • Are professional bankers, investment agent or brokers

Preferred Social Platforms:

  • Twitter, Linked

#7 Dentist


  • The least engaged audience are women between 18-24 years of age. That is 6% of the whole audience
  • 37% of these are men and around 63% are women of whole audience
  • 4% of the total audience is engaged and another 51% is married.
  • The least interested are school grads that is 7% of total audience.


  • There’s a reasonable size of audience that is interested in dentist related services and that is 2.5m – 3m of whole USA.


  • Women are more dental hygiene conscious
  • They buy dental products online
  • Go to dentist regularly
  • Read articles about dental hygiene
  • Always on lookout for great offers

Preferred Social Platforms:

  • Facebook, Pinterest

#8 Dating

dating target audience examples


  • The most engaged audience is between 25-34 years of age.
  • Women consists of 29% and men 28% of the total audience in that age range
  • 36% of the total audience is single and 5% are engaged.
  • 62% of the total audience are studying in college or college grads.


  • The size of audience interested in dating is significant. It is between 35m – 40m of whole USA.


  • Women are looking out for their options about dating
  • Some of them are not happy with existing arrangement
  • May visit dating sites regularly and read articles
  • Looking for dating guidance and products

Preferred Social Platforms:

  • Dating sites i.e. e-harmony

#9 Accounting


  • The most engaged audience are women between 35-44 and men between 25-34 years of age.
  • 58% of total audience are women and 42% are men.
  • The least engaged audience is 4% of total.
  • Only 9% school grads prefer accounting


  • The size of audience is between 4.5m – 5m of whole USA, that is quite fascinating


  • Are looking for accounting jobs and products
  • Some school grads may develop interest in accounting at their early stage of life and may join internship programs
  • Want to become entrepreneur

Preferred Social Platforms:

  • Linkedin, Twitter

#10 Hospitality

Hospitality Niche target Audience Examples


  • Women are dominant in hospitality industry as well. The most engaged target audience examples are women and men between 35-44.
  • They share equal interests in the industry and that contributes to 27% of total audience
  • The most committed audience are married men that takes up the 59% of total.
  • 65% of total audience either are studying in college or grads.


  • The size of audience is between 3.5m – 4m of total USA audience


  • Are doing part time jobs in hospitality industry
  • Learning hospitality as part of their curriculum or college degree
  • Looking to start their own venture in hospitality industry

Preferred Social Platforms:

  • Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter

Final Thoughts

To achieve your goal what ever it may be, do your research and keep at it until you have achieved it.

These target audience examples are great way to practice your skills.

Tell us in a few words, which example was helpful to achieve your goals?

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