The Truth About Ubersuggest Tool That Will Shock You

  • Jatin 

Sometimes less is more, you must have heard that saying! I only came across Ubersuggest tool a few months back, when I was researching for free tools to try that can provide some great value.

I’m glad that I bumped into this tool Ubersuggest.

To be honest, the shocking part for me was that it has great features being basic tool. It’s still work in progress but on it way to compete others out there i.e. Ahrefs and SEMrush

However being newbie it’s a good starting point other than Google Keyword Planner tool.

Where to find it?

To access the tool you can either search in Google “Ubersuggest Tool” or hop on Neil Patel’s website.

On Neil’s website home page the first thing by default you will see is Ubersuggest tool search bar.

Another way is to navigate to option “Tools” at the bottom of the page as shown in the image below.

Ubersuggest - where to find

How does Ubersuggest tool work?

The tools interface is quite simple and makes sense straight away.

Ubersuggest Tool

Assuming you already know what are keywords or domain. Simply, type in your domain name i.e. Alternatively, you can choose to input the whole web address i.e.

To better it you can type in your competitor’s domain name to analyse their data. It will only take a few seconds and you will have the results on next screen.

Ubersuggest tool options explained

The tool options are available on your left sidebar. On the right or middle of page you will see the actual data.

The first thing you will notice is that it has Domain Overview of the website. This is the same website name that you had keyed in the search box.

Then you will notice under domain overview the tool displays the organic keywords and monthly organic traffic.

Additionally, you will also notice the domain score and number of backlinks.

Higher the domain score means hard to compete.

To lean about Neil’s top organic keywords, simply select the option organic keywords as shown in the image below.

Organic keywords - ubersuggest

After you click on the option, you will see the following page that has quite a few areas to analyse.

i.e. location, keywords, search volume, position of keyword, est. visits and seo difficulty

Location data: explain to me how it works

Now you can dig deeper about your competitor to find ways to succeed.

First thing you will notice is location. You can expand the option to see a full breakdown of number of keywords in each location.

For example: Neil has 1.3M keywords linked to US websites, 700K keywords are linked to Indian websites.

To outbid any location you will need to have higher number of keywords compare to Neil.

Ubersuggest Tool - Location Tip

Start with the location that has lower number of keywords, if your business operates in multiple locations.

Ubersuggest - location with less keywords

Just having higher number of keywords does not mean that you will rank higher in search engines. Each of those keywords will need to have higher quality backlinks as well as more backlinks than Neil.

Quality and relevancy is very important, if you are serious about ranking in search engines. It helps with building reputation with other websites and businesses.

This will then generates more traffic. The more traffic means more potential sales and customers.

You can see this is a chain process and if any part of the chain is broken it will not work.

Let’s take a look at keywords now.

Keyword analysis: how to read data

Keywords are the actual search term that a visitor uses to find what they are looking for! i.e. quora

From the image above you can see the keyword “Quora” in US alone generates 246,000 searches monthly.

In this case Neil achieves 6,298 visitors from that keyword to his website. Furthermore, we can see that his website ranks# 7 on search results.

This particular keyword has seo difficulty score 61. It means it’s very competitive keyword.

Keyword difficulty and backlinks - Ubersuggest

After you have identified the keyword that attracts more search volume each month and the difficulty score. You have to look into the number of backlinks or social share you will need, to generate traffic.

Ubersuggest tool throws suggestions

You can see Ubersuggest has suggestions on the right side of screen. In this case it suggests you will need 0 backlinks, domain authority score 96 or higher to rank well for that particular keywords.

However, there are keywords that will have less difficulty and still generate good monthly traffic.

Once you know which keywords rank well, the next step is include those keywords into you website. This can be done in one of many ways.

For example: you can write an article about that keyword or search term if relevant to your business. If you are selling something then you can check if you already selling the product that matches the keyword.

The next step would be to find your competitor for that keyword in your niche. Once you know who your competitor is you can then create a strategy and analyse their data.


Now that you have learnt how to use the Ubersuggest tool, tell us in a few words about your experience.

Has this tool been able to help you achieve some visitors?

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