5 Trending Technologies for Education App Development in 2021

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With the trend of e-learning thriving at an unprecedented rate, it has become imperative for the educational institutes, schools, and colleges to have their own education apps with rich features and advanced technologies. But since technology updates with each passing day, it is good to have an idea of the upcoming tech trends to develop an education app accordingly.

And, this article is all about the technologies that will influence education app development in 2021. You can check them out in advance if you are planning to build such an app for your startup. Even if you already have an education app, then integrate these technologies to your app to make it future-ready.

ML and AL

Machine Learning and artificial intelligence are the two trending technologies that are already there in the market; in 2021, these are projected to become mandatory to deliver personalized learning experience.

According to marketsandmarkets, the worldwide AI in education market is expected to reach the US $3.68 billion by 2023.

Both technologies have the potential to deal with an enormous amount of data to provide actionable insights. For education applications, AI and ML can help in collecting vast data and processing it to get useful insights to deliver personalized education.

Big Data

As per the study conducted by the Center of Digital Education, around 61% of the higher education professionals believe big data would help to improve the graduation rate, 69% of them said that it would help in monitoring and predicting students’ performance, and 22% believe that it would help to reveal the potential imperfections in administrations. These figures depict that the technology is set to be in the charts in 2021.

Internet of Things

This technology is expected to replace the traditional way of teaching in a classroom using a blackboard, chalk, and duster. Students will learn through e-books and other information available over the World Wide Web.


Blockchain has taken the security of applications to a whole new level. In the education sector, the technology can be used to verify students’ credentials, issue certificates, and for other manual tasks that demand huge manpower and time. The technology can detect frauds by recognizing fake documents in no time. Educational institutes can also provide virtual credentials to their alumni with the use of Blockchain. 


Robotics in the education industry can make digital literacy a new trend in the future. Using this technology in combination with artificial intelligence can help students, especially those with a mental, sensory, or physical disability to understand and learn. Smart assistants build using AI and robotics can make such students get information with voice-commands and listen to the results without even seeing the phone’s screens.

Now, when you know the trending technologies for the Education app development, let’s check out the features that can increase the chances of success for your app

#1 Personalized learning

Not every student has the same learning capabilities and personalized learning would make it easy for the students to improve their skills and understand concepts in a better way. Educational institutes can deliver personalized learning through personalized assignments, schedules, and more.

#2 Micro-learning

Learning information in small portions is what micro-learning is all about. This trend is going to be a hit in the upcoming years; therefore, you can think of making it a part of your education app in 2021.

#3 Integration of AI, AR, and VR

The arrival of technologies such as artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and virtual reality has brought a revolutionary change in almost all the sectors, including the education industry. The use of these technologies is soon going to be a mandatory thing in the next and the upcoming years. Using AI gives a personalized experience and AR and VR deliver a lifelike experience.

#4 Gamification

With gamification, you can increase user engagement and the chances of making your app successful. While gamification has gained a lot of popularity in 2020, it is expected to become no less than a necessity in 2021 and the upcoming years. 

#5 Real-time collaboration

By providing this feature in your education app 2021, you can make learners to collaborate, discuss various educational topics to learn new things and share knowledge.

How to build an education application?

To develop such an application, reach out to an education app development company or hire mobile app developers. Before you do the same, make sure you do thorough research and choose the one with experience in making educational apps using the top technologies mentioned in this article. If the company haven’t developed an educational app before but have expertise in artificial intelligence, augmented reality, internet of things, and other technologies, then it is right to select them as your educational app development partner.

Prepare your app requirements beforehand to avoid any chaos during the app development process. Also, ask the company about the deadline as the increase in the project development time would impact the total cost of education app development.

Final Words

Want to build a new education app for your startup or improve the existing one to gain huge customer base? This article is for you! Give it a read to know the top technologies that are expected to become no less than a necessity in the educational sector. Besides this, we have also listed some of the advanced features that would improve the chances of success for your educational application. To build a new app, contact a reliable and experienced educational app development company today!

Hope the information was useful!

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