4 Types of Web Hosting: Which is Better For Your Business

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Types of web hosting

There are lots of companies in this world that are providing web hosting services. But before jumping into the web hosting providers, we must clear one thing in our mind that what are the different types of web hosting? who is the best cloud hosting provider which is gonna be useful for oneself?

As there are some limitations of each and every person so according to their need they must choose their web hosting services.

Because in starting they must choose to hosting their website with big expectation and maybe thinking later that was the biggest mistake I did.

Companies we will talk about later but today on this page we will discuss different types of hosting their pros and cons, their features and at last, we will make you sure that now you are in a position of choosing the best hosting platform for yourself.

Before jumping on types of web hosting. let’s quickly take a bite at web hosting.

What is web hosting?

Web hosting is a platform for those people who want to make their website visible on the internet.

Every website is hosted by a web host company web hosting company provides you with the data space to make your content available.

Basically, web hosting provides you with web pages where you can post your content, and web hosting will make sure that your data will be available for all the users who are searching for that content.

There are basically 4 types of web hosting

  1. Shared Web Hosting
  2. VPS Web Hosting
  3. Dedicated Web Hosting
  4. Cloud Web Hosting

Now look at them one by one

Shared Web Hosting

Shared hosting is the best option for those people who are new to web hosting and they are just thinking about starting.

Basically, as the name suggests itself this is a sharing of something but what is it that is the server which users have to share.

Shared hosting makes people share a single server. People who are using shared web hosting have to share their RAM, processor, data space.

Shared hosting allows hundreds of people to share a single server.

Pros of shared web hosting

  1. It is very cheap.
  2. It is good for a fresh start.
  3. No management cost of the server.
  4. It is very easy to manage.

Cons of shared web hosting

  1. More sharing more slackness on your site.
  2. You can’t use customized software.
  3. You can’t ask for extra data space in shared hosting.

VPS Web Hosting

The virtual private server is a server that allows the sharing of virtual private rooms for each and every user.

Basically, the VPS is the advanced version of shared hosting but here you will get your own RAM, data spaces, and your own operating system.

VPS hosting allows you to use customized software and you can manage your server as you get root access.

Pros of VPS Web Hosting

  1. It provides different rooms for every user.
  2. Much safer
  3. Greater security than shared hosting.
  4. No bad neighbour’s effect as you are sharing the same survey but with different data space and operating systems.
  5. Easily use customized software.

Cons of VPS Web Hosting

  1. It is expansive as compared to shared hosting.
  2. If you going to choose self-managed web hosting then, you must know the technical terms.

Dedicated Web Hosting

Dedicated web hosting is very different from shared and VPS here you are not buying the RAM or the OS or any data space.

Here you are buying the whole server means you are the man who is having all the control on that server.

All the RAM is yours, all the data is yours, and the operating system is yours. Use as the way you want.

Pros of Dedicated Web Hosting

  1. No more complaints about lagging websites
  2. Change the OS and customize your data space.
  3. Easily use customized software.
  4. Customer support at your disposal
  5. Achieve higher level of security.

Cons of Dedicated Web Hosting

  1. It is very expensive.
  2. It needs technical knowledge to operate the dedicated server. If you want to buy the managed dedicated server it will more expensive.

Cloud hosting: is hostingraja a good host?

Cloud hosting is different from all types of hosting. In other types of hosting we were buying the spaces in a server( shared, VPS) or we were just buying the whole server(Dedicated), but cloud hosting is where our physical hardware server is in virtual mode.

It means that our one physical server is divided into different virtual servers if one of your servers got any problem.

Simultaneously, your whole site and whole data will transfer to the other virtual server of that same server. It’s like having so many rooms in a house. You can move to a different room if you face any problem.

Cloud Hosting Plan

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Pros of Cloud Web Hosting

  1. It gives the best performance.
  2. It provides good uptime and makes your site more available.
  3. The data recovery system is very good.

Cons of Cloud Web Hosting

As there are no such disadvantages of cloud hosting but as we know every coin has a two-phase head and tail. 

  1. The price of cloud hosting is very expensive.
  2. As the data is very secure in cloud hosting but few companies give you that confidence in data safety.


You can choose what you want, shared, VPS, dedicated, or cloud hosting. Everyone has their own capabilities, their own pros, and cons.

Another thing that can help you decide the hosting platform is your financial strategy and yes the technical knowledge also because if you will buy the unmanaged web hosting you must have the knowledge about maintaining a server.

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