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9 Unique Video Ideas to Get People Watching Your Channel

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The coronavirus helped people understand how much Internet professions and work online are in demand. In this regard, many began to actively engage in blogging or studying video.

We’ve collected some unique video ideas that can make your channel popular:

  • The content has become the most sought-after product. Eternal competition comes out on top. Try publishing tutorials on new photo and video processing techniques. New applications appear every month, study them and shoot training for these programs and effects. At least content makers, story makers, and budding bloggers will need this.
  • Various courses on Instagram have become very popular, start reviewing them. Become a Course Critic – You can purchase course participation, talk about the pros and cons, and summarize at the end. You will be a streamer of courses.
  • Tik-Tok gained popularity during the quarantine. A unique idea for your channel is teaching people Tik-Tok trends. Here you can shoot everything: teaching dance, performing different challenges.
  • Horoscope predictions. The signs of the zodiac always remain in trends, make a more voluminous review and create a heading “every day”.
  • Launching your challenge. In search of inspiration, you can look at YouTube or Tik-Tok to see ideas there, and then rework them for the format. Instagram. Below are a few directions that you can take as the basis for your challenge.

Time and memories

Invite subscribers to remember themselves in the past. For example, share school photos, repeat frames of children’s pictures.

As for the business profile, with the help of such a challenge, you can show how the appearance and status of your brand/product have changed over time. This will have a positive effect on customer loyalty and will demonstrate the growth of the company.

The challenge itself will not become popular. Yes, your loyal audience will support it, but to get maximum coverage, you need to use promotion methods.

Paid ways

Let’s start with paid promotion methods, as they are the most effective and will bring the desired result faster.

1. Targeted advertising. Launch such an advertisement for a post to a target audience or an active audience

2. Advertising from a blogger. Find a blogger with your target audience, that is, his subscribers should be interested in your product, and buy an advertisement in his profile. This format works much better as people always trust people and their recommendations more;

3. Thematic publics. Buy ads on thematic blogs. If your challenge is humorous, post it in entertainment pubs with a multi-million audience.

Beauty blog

If your account is dedicated to the field of beauty, as a challenge, you can choose to repeat the makeup of celebrities, videos before/after, transforming into a movie or cartoon character, giving up makeup for 10 days, makeup with one product, samples, ethnic makeup, etc.


Come up with an original dance that will be easily remembered by followers. Have them repeat a few simple movements for the camera. Or start a challenge repeating dances from famous movies or TV shows. Another option is to move to world hits or tracks that have just become popular (even your employees can do this).

Travel Channel Ideas

1. Travel vlog. Try to become a travel glider.  You can enter your vacation section for $ 100 and $ 1000.  Take reviews of hotels, popular locations, and exotic food.

2..Video about culture. Each country has its own culture and traditions. Make a list of popular places and add places that are little known to it.  You can talk about cultural history and the pros and cons.

3. Interviews with residents. Each country has its own unique mentality.

Prepare some simple and a few unusual questions and ask the locals for them.  The format of live communication always looks attractive.

4. Reviews of interesting places. Review interesting places and attractions. Almost every city has such, so you won’t have to look for them for a long time.

Ideas for interviews channels

One of the most popular videos is interviews.  Invite people from different backgrounds and talk to them on different topics.  If you are blogging about cosmetics, then invite a stylist or make-up artist to visit.  If your topic is sports, then you can invite a football coach, hockey player or sports commentator.  This video format remains always relevant.

Video ideas for aspiring video bloggers

1. News digest. The Theme for weekly issues, which will contain the most significant events and news on any topic.

2. Comments on popular videos, new clips, conflicts.

Ideas for children’s channels

1. Bedtime stories. Parents always read bedtime stories to children.  What will happen if children read fairy tales to children?  Try to launch your audio format of fairy tales, which children will also compose.  If you also add useful information there, then it will be not only entertaining but also informative content

2. Reviews on trending toys. Recently, streams for computer games have become very popular but most of them are for adults.  Try to become a streamer of children’s games.  In Japan, unpacking of toys also gained popularity very quickly.  Children love to play and watch cartoons, so you can combine this.

Workout video

1. These videos quickly became popular. This could be yoga or any other exercise that anyone can do at home. You can also shoot videos like these in the gym, but make sure you are allowed to shoot in the gym.

2. Joint exercises with the child.  Create an exercise channel for mom and baby workout together.  Distribute activities at home and on the street, exercises with children under one year old and from two to five into playlists.  Such joint activities for many mothers will be a real salvation and they will definitely watch your channel.

These video ideas have received thousands of views. Some of them are even MILLIONS.

Hope you can find an idea for a video that’s right for you.

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