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Quickbooks online is an accounting software based on the cloud storage. In simpler words you can access the data across any device easily. You could run your business from anywhere in the world.

You will need to key in the details once about your business, products or services. It allows you to re-use the information for jobs that are quite similar or update the details as you go.

Furthermore, with one click of a button you can import the contact details from your phone. Quickbooks saves you time on typing each customer or supplier name.

How cool is that, right?

Speed comes naturally with something like Quickbooks!

Since it is based on cloud, it syncs seamlessly from one device to another. Before you know it, the invoice you were creating on your phone is ready to view, edit or send on your computer.

What are the some cool features of Quickbooks online?

#1 Track your expenses

Quickbooks online makes it easier to scan the receipts with app on your mobile. It collects the data from the scanned image according to Quickbooks. Simply categorize it and you are ready for tax time.

Additionally, you can sort them to keep track of your expenses. So that you know when, where and on what did you spend. It just takes the headache away by putting all the information in one place. Instead of keeping track of paper receipts.

#2 Gain insights with reports

Now can see how your business is doing in real time with visual reports and graphs. The summary of balance, profits and expenses available on dashboard at your finger tips.

Learn about your business financial status with profit and loss reports. The balance sheet snapshot can outlay any liabilities and investment.

Features Quickbooks Online

#3 Generate invoices instantly with Quickbooks online

Have you ever come across those generic apps where you would struggle to create invoice. Quickbooks online makes the invoicing process seamless. Not only you can make custom invoices but also keep track of overdue payments. It has the option to send automated reminders as well. This option takes away hassle of manually sending the reminders to 1000 customers.

You can create stunning quotes in no time and have your client sign it off on your mobile. Cool, right? Furthermore, you can change from a quote to invoice effortlessly, preview it and even email it directly to your customer.

Additionally, you can learn about automated email marketing to connect with your customers. Email automation campaigns allow you to promote your products and services with ease.

#4 Connect securely with Bank

Quickbooks online has the functionality and option to connect directly with your bank. It means you can keep close eye on your business profits and losses as you have everything categorised.

The system is so smart and powerful that it can sync the data with bank when a transaction is made. If you feel that the transaction is missing or hasn’t synced, you can add it manually in couple of clicks.

#5 Travel Log Tracker

I don’t know about you but I certainly was tired of keeping logs of each trip. You can forget about having to manually write or add each trip details. All you need to do is, simply turn on automatic tracking and you are done.

You can even categorize the business trips separately to your personal with one swipe.


The app conveniently logs each trip for you. Therefore, you will know exactly how many kilometres you travelled, and the places you visited for tax purposes.

#6 Advance Features

Advance features of Quickbooks online sets it apart from its competitors.

Have you ever wandered “what if you could leave notes, add attachments and photos”?

Well, Quickbooks has got that all covered!

How does Quickbooks protects your data?

Quickbooks protects your data as if it was their own!

Protecting the data should be top most priority for any company or individual dealing with customers.

It should not depend on the type of transaction being made. For example: retaining personal information of customer including date of birth, name, address etc or credit card.

Here’s how Quickbooks online protects your data:

  • Intuits professional staff and online tools monitor the systems for security 24/7. They have got sophisticated systems in place to prevent security breaches
  • Your data is protected with multi-factor authentications, server firewalls and technology to encrypt the data at all levels.
  • The data is backed up regularly and automatically for you. It means if one of your devices stop working unexpectedly, you can still access the information instantly on another device.
  • According to Quickbooks your personal information is safe with them. They do not share or sell your private information with 3rd party companies for promotions.
  • Their redundant server and data centres make the information accessible easily and anytime.
  • You can control the access to your financial data and give access to the people you trust the most. Each person that you allow access must create their own password. Additionally, you can choose different permissions for each user and limit the access based on privileges.
  • Track user activity including log in and changes made to financial transactions. Therefore, you are in full control of watching over what is important to you.

Simultaneous interactions

Since it’s based on cloud storage, it allows you to interact with your colleagues seamlessly. There can be multiple users online at the same time without an issue. It allows you to have peace of mind, knowing that you can track all activities through detailed activity log. You can choose to give access to whomever i.e. accountant, colleague.

Automated updates for Quickbooks online

Those days are long gone when you would have to sit around and download the updates manually. Quickbooks online let’s you subscribe and access the latest update immediately.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for effortless and seamless system that syncs well with all devices, then Quickbooks online is the solution for your business.

Accounting and tracking expenses have never seemed easier before we got to learn about Quickbooks.

Perhaps, it’s time that you should give it a go as well.

Tell us in a few words, which business would you use it for?

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