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Blog » Digital Marketing » What Is Web 3.0 & How Will It Impact Digital Marketers?

What Is Web 3.0 & How Will It Impact Digital Marketers?

Web 3.0

Are you ready for web 3.0? The technology world is changing abruptly so does the business world. Changing technology has it divest impact on how people do business. With every new technology digital marketing company has to change their strategy to promote product/services online. There is a new technology wave has arrived which has become a hot topic amongst marketers. This new wave is Web 3.0, a new version of the World Wide Web. Web 3.0 provides better security and control over data to its users. It will offer a better user experience which will help marketers to know their consumers better.

The Evolution Of The World Wide Web – Web 1. o to Web 3.0

The last 3 decades have been revolutionary for the world wide web. From early 1990, when the internet was rarely used it came with web 1. o which was a read-only web to today’s web 3.0 era where rich content (videos, audios, images) is available for users to provide them a better experience. The main objective of this new web is to proffers the better user experience, security & privacy.

Web 1. o: The first world wide web version launched in early 1990 was an HTML read-only browsing. It uses to publish all the information for its users.

Web 2. o:  The second version came into existence in the late 1990s which is read & write collaboration. Here users are not only reading the information however they are also posting the information like blogs, videos, and images on social media and their website.

Web 3.o: The third recently launched version is all about reading, writing, and interaction. It will focus on collaboration or interaction between humans and machines. This is why this is the most desirable version of the internet.

What is Web 3.0?

what is web 3.0

Web 3.0 is the upcoming third version of the internet which will provide a smooth, personalized experience to its users. It will more focus on its user experience and their privacy. Users will have the right to secure their privacy and not let anyone track their data or information. Web 3 has already been loved before it came into existence.

It will be more than websites and search engine optimization services. As per a recent survey, 84% of marketers agreed that Web 3 will also be a great technology for marketing firms and their strategies. Marketers will be able to advertise more on different platforms. The following are three pillars of Web 3.0

The Semantic Web: Semantic web is not a different web but a part of W3C which enables people to create their data stores and choose who can access their data. It is also to organize data for machines.

Artificial Intelligence: W3C also consists of an artificial intelligence feature in which a machine will perform the task same as a human which includes decision making as well.

Natural language processing: W3C will be able to understand the human language and will perform the task accordingly.

Key features of web 3.0

Decentralization: The core feature of web 3 is its decentralized nature. No authority will be able to control or access the user’s data. Users will have the right to choose whom they want to see their data or information.

Blockchain Technology: Another core feature of web 3 is blockchain technology. Blockchain will be a new challenge for marketers due to its centralized behavior. It will provide the centralization and security on web 3.

Ubiquitous: Ubiquitous means to be found or accessed anywhere anytime.  Web 3 can be accessed or used on any device or region.  

Improve Privacy & Security: As I have mentioned many times above it will offer privacy to its users. A user will be having the whole right with whom they can share their data. Marketers will not be able to track down their consumers and their behavior.

How Web 3 Will Affect Marketers?

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It will change the way of doing marketing too. Nowadays, digital marketers target their consumers by advertising, and direct marketing however all of this will be changing when web 3 came into effect. There will be no third-party cookies because that’s a threat to users’ privacy and security. Marketers will have to find another way to chase their targeted audience with no data on their consumer’s interests.

How Digital Marketing Company Should Get Ready For This Revolutionary Wave?

Marketing is a process that needs to change with time. With the Web 1. o in the Early’s 1990 digital marketing started with an ad banner on the website. In web 2. o social media came into existence which changes the marketing world drastically. Social Media made every business try to approach their consumers online. Same marketers have to do when web 3.0 will come into existence. They need to change their Digital Marketing services or strategies to survive in this revolutionary world of the internet.

Decentralized web 3 will restrict marketers to collect their customer’s data or interests which will be very difficult to examine consumer behavior or phycology. Digital Marketing agencies have to come up with different strategies to read their consumer behavior so that they can offer relevant content, product, or services to their customers.

To make the software marketing strategy relevant marketers should have to be up to date with the new technology & Google alerts. Block will the key aspect in Web 3.0 so marketers should get acquainted with the blockchains as well. They have to oversee the consumer behavior along with the existing collected data. Brands can also utilize their social media platform to more engaging with their customers because it will be the only source where they will be able to know their customer’s interests.


Web 3.0 is coming up with a revolutionary change in the digital marketing world. It will boom the marketing world due to its good user experience however will also affect the marketing strategies by being decentralized in nature. Social Media will also face this revolutionary wave. Digital Marketing Agencies should educate their employees about the blockchain and web 3 to get them future-ready. The brand or agency that will reap it first will leverage the huge benefits in the future.