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Why A2 Hosting Has The Best WordPress Optimization Plugin

WordPress Optimization Plugin

Have you ever thought about having just one WordPress Optimization plugin that could optimize your website? Honestly speaking, I have! Many of us would have come across many frustrating plugins that either require some technical knowledge or are too complicated to follow. In our previous article we had discussed about ten benefits of joining a2 web hosting company. If you haven’t read the article, you can do so first.

Optimization With A2 Hosting: WordPress Optimization Plugin

What does it mean?

Let’s take a look into what optimization means? In the digital world of SEO Optimization means improving your website’s performance in every possible aspect. Some of the common examples may include website loading speed, title and description of your article, Image alt tags, H1,H2,H3 tags, Caching and Security.

You will either need to download individual plugins to do the optimization process for you or hire a professional. In some cases, you may find some plugins that claim to offer the best WordPress optimization solution. I would say don’t be fooled by their claims. Do your own research and then decide which tool suits you the best.

Why should you do it?

The optimized website presents the visitors with best browsing experience. For example: Caching element or plugins helps save the data in your visitor’s browser. This means your website will load instantly on your visitor’s device. The website that loads significantly quicker is proven to attract more interested customers. This can increase chances of sale significantly than a website that loads slow or crashes frequently.

Search engines like Google like well-structured website. The more effort you put in to optimize the better outcome you will notice. You might say how! In this example Google rewards the website that are well structured by pushing their rank up. We all know by now what that means! Simply put your website will have more chances of appearing on the 1st page of Google.

Note: There are many factors to be considered before your website can rank on 1st page of Google. Keep an eye out on the upcoming articles that will talk more in details about Google ranking factors.

a2 optimized

A2 optimized: What does it mean?

The A2 plugin solves the issue of downloading WordPress Optimization plugin individually. It can solve your general optimization problems in few clicks as and comes with 18 built-in options one plugin.

Section1# Enhanced Caching Experience With A2 WordPress Optimization Plugin


#1 Page Caching with W3 Total Cache

This component of WordPress optimization plugin uses the W3 Total Cache to run the website faster. It keeps a cache copy of the static content on the page you are browsing.

#2 DB Caching with W3 Total Cache

This option stores the general database queries in cache to speed up your website.

#3 Object Caching with W3 Total Cache

A copy of widgets data, menu bars and relevant information is stored in cache to render the pages faster.

#4 Browser Caching with W3 Total Cache

It stores the information about visitors’ browsers and communicates that with the server to save a copy. This process helps reduce the loading time significantly.

#5 Memcached Database and Object Cache

The information resulted from API and database calls as well as page rendering is stored by Memcached in small portions. It’s considered to be extremely powerful caching system as it stores frequently used database queries and WordPress objects in Memcached. Take advantage of A2 Hosting’s one-click memcached configuration for WordPress.

Section 2# Compression With WordPress Optimization Plugin

#6 Minify HTML Pages

This option removes the extras space between the words, characters, tabs and breaking the line in HTML. This process helps with reduced size of data being sent to visitor.

#7 Minify CSS Files

This option shrinks the CSS files by removing extras spaces and makes them smaller in size. This makes it easy to download the file quicker.


#8 Minify JS Files

To reduce the site loading times, it is essential to shrink any JavaScript files by removing extra space. This will allow the file to download easily and much quicker.

#9 Gzip Compression Enabled

Makes your site significantly faster by compressing all text files to make them smaller.

#10 Compress Images on Upload

Makes your site faster by compressing images to make them smaller.

Section 3# Easily Setup Security With WordPress Optimization Plugin

WordPress Optimization Plugin - Data Protection

#11 Block Unauthorized XML-RPC Requests

Completely Disable XML-RPC services

#12 Regenerate wp-config salts with A2 WordPress Optimization Plugin

Generate new salt values for wp-config.php

#13 Deny Direct Access to Configuration Files and Comment Form

Protects your configuration files by generating a Forbidden error to web users and bots when trying to access WordPress configuration files.
Also prevents POST requests to the site not originating from a user on the site.
Note: if you are using a plugin to allow remote posts and comments, disable this option.

#14 Lock Editing of Plugins and Themes from the WP Admin

Prevents exploits that use the built-in editing capabilities of the WP Admin

#15 Login URL Change and WordPress Optimization Plugin

Normally you would need to install a separate WordPress optimization plugin, to Changes from default URL wp-admin to new generic URL. However A2 plugin comes equipped with this option as well.

#16 reCAPTCHA on comments and login with WordPress Optimization Plugin

Decreases spam and increases site security by adding a CAPTCHA to comment forms and the login screen. Without a CAPTCHA, bots will easily be able to post comments to you blog or brute force login to your admin panel.

Section 4# Systems Configuration With WordPress Optimization Plugin

System Configuration

#17 Turbo Web Hosting

Turbo Web Hosting servers uses various process to improve the website speed. For example: they can compile and re-compile .htaccess files instantaneously. They use advance caching systems to store the data from objects, pages and servers to render to visitors as required promptly.

#18 Use System Cron Instead of WordPress Cron

This option enables the system cron set by your server instead of WordPress. The process may include i.e. scheduling of posts for future date. At times cron jobs can chew up a lot of resources because of the default intervals set by WordPress. Having system cron jobs enables much controlled environment for your site administrator. This means your visitors can enjoy seamless browsing experience.

Bonus Tip

Don’t upload audio and video files, particularly if you are using shared hosting servers. It can slow down your website significantly and, in some cases, may not even load at all.

Instead use video embedding i.e. YouTube for uploading video and YouTube embedding plugin to show video on your blog and external hosting for audio files i.e. Google drive or one drive by Microsoft for better outcome.


The A2 hosting plugin can help Optimize your website with a few clicks. Which one would you rather download multiple plugins or A2 plugin to help with your optimization needs?  Tell us in a few words, if you were able to try the A2 plugin. Has it helped solve your optimization problems?

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