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Digital Marketing Accepting Guest Posts

We are accepting guest posts now

Submission Guidelines: Feel ready to write for us, please read our guidelines carefully they are quite simple:

Let’s kick start with few pointers.

What you should not send to us

Do not send:

  • generic content that does not add any value.
  • low quality or small size images
  • add too many backlinks
  • content length is lower than suggested words count below
  • article that does not fit in our categories
  • content in pdf files or in the body of email

Here’s our three step guide to have successful guest post:


  • The content must be 1000+ words (FREE Option) or 500+ words (Sponsored Post)
  • It must be of acceptable quality, unique and never used before
  • Keep away from generic or basic content that adds no value
  • Yoast SEO readability score must be Good.
  • Headings (h2,h3,h4) are preferred for paragraphs as appropriate
  • Must include at least 4-5 paragraphs to format the content
  • 1 – 2 Internal links are required to most relevant content on Koaas
  • Please provide meta title & meta description (optional)
  • A minimum of 3 images in total are required for either paragraphs including one featured image
  • Image dimensions must be at least 730px (width) x 335px (height) or higher (.jpg format only)
  • Social profile links (optional) part of author bio.

Create stunning featured images for free with online tool, to make your content standout compare to others.



  • Sing up/Login & submit for review

Our Process, after we receive your guest post request:


  • Check article for plagiarism & quality (sentence structure & grammatical errors)
  • Check relevancy to our niche
  • Identify image dimensions and check if any attribution required to author of the image


  • Add article to our blog
  • Include do-follow link/s after review
  • Final touches to include any citations to sources or internal links


  • Publish your article on our blog
  • Share live link via email

Additional things to consider

  • Only 1 backlink Now allowing 2 backlinks to your website (In-depth content 1500+ words*)
  • The links will be permanent do-follow
  • Promotional content is acceptable for nominal fee, please contact
  • Provide 3-5 topic ideas below, if you are unsure and we can suggest the topic to write about
  • The article titles with in 60 characters are considered well optimized for Google search results
  • Citation must be provided for sources i.e. quotes, case studies
  • Image quality must be reasonable (.jpg format only). Low resolution images are not accepted
  • Credits to author, source or link must be submitted along with your guest post for each photo

Create beautiful images in all sizes online, with free image tool.

Review the categories that we will accept, before you write for us

Primary Categories:
  • Digital marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Social media
  • Search engine optimization
  • Web hosting
  • Affiliate marketing
  • WordPress plugins
  • Online tools
  • Technology
Secondary Categories:
  • Blogging*
  • How to guides*
  • Products reviews*
  • Tips, hacks and tricks*
  • Business growth*
  • Case studies*
  • Benefits of*

* The content must be relevant to primary categories mentioned above. Generic content that does not add any value is not accepted.

If your content is ready, please Sing up/Login & submit for review.

Find more guest post opportunities by searching in Google

Hop on Google, type in your niche i.e. Digital marketing + “become an author”

“become an author”“become a contributor”“submit an article”
“contribute to our site”“submit guest post”“guest posts wanted”
“become guest writer”“contributor guidelines”“submit article”
“contributing writer”“guest posting guidelines”“writers wanted”
“guest article”“submit post”“guest blogger”
“submit blog post”“contributing writer”“articles wanted”
“guest post opportunities”“This post was written by”“guest posts wanted”
“this is a guest post by”“submit your content”“become a guest blogger
“guest post”“guest post courtesy of ““accepting guest posts”
“want to write for”“looking for guest posts”“submit an article”
“guest column”“suggest a post”“guest poster wanted”
“write for us”“submit content”“submit news”

Don’t have enough time to look for guest posting sites?

Great news for you!

We are building a massive list of guest posting sites. The list will eventually add up to 2500+ guest posting sites. Got a website, submit below.

Want to write for us but don’t know where to start?

Resources: 15+ SEO Tools available for FREE to help you write that perfect article and improve your own website SEO as well in general.

Before submitting your guest post, please check:

  • The article title is with in 50-60 characters to display in Google search results. This is considered to be optimal title length according to Moz and anything over is left out by most search engines
  • Your content is unique and grammatical errors free by using one or all of the following links:
    • Copyscape – Check Plagiarism
    • Check grammatical errors and sentence structure
  • Must include featured image and the image resolution must be at least 730px (width) X 335px (height) or higher. Provide link to the image source even if it is a stock photo, so that we can credit the author.
  • Include author bio 50-100 words (if relevant). However, it is not mandatory to publish article. Provide any social media profile links so that we can include them in your bio.
  • Please Sing up/Login & submit for review

Please contact us, If you have got some ideas and need help with the title before you start work on the article.